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Made This/ Love This is a DIY Collective


Because creating is always more fun with collaboration.

Made This / Love This is a DIY Collective.

Project 1: t-shirt scarf

t-shirt scarf Our first DIY project is so simple and quick! Make an easy t-shirt scarf. Showcase due date: May 1, 2011.


Project 2: Jorts

jorts Our next project is upcycling jeans into Erin Wasson style denim shorts. Showcase due date: May 15, 2011.


Featured Member

featured member Meet Bee. She's the first member to sign up who is not the founder or related to the founder! Yay!


Want to know more about Made This / Love This?

What is this?

Made This / Love This is a place to DIY together. Projects are easy for newbies but are modifiable so that seasoned DIY'ers can have fun, too.


Why join?

DIY projects are like parties: They're more fun with others. Showcase what you've been working on and see how others are doing the same thing.


About Indiana

Indiana has the tendency to bite off more than she can chew, but she masticates with ferocity unmatched in Austin. She thinks this site is a good idea.